Tire Installation Guide

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Sorry, but we cannot install run-flat tires.

This price does not include tire disposal fees or any applicable state environmental taxes.

Basic installation package

  • Tire mounting
  • Valve stem/TPMS[1]service pack
  • 50-mile lug re-torque
  • Additional $10 per tire fee for tires not purchased from BrakeTime

$15 per tire

Value installation package

  • Basic package
  • Road hazard protection warranty[2](Available only for tires purchased from BrakeTime)

$25 per tire


Prices for tire service if tires were not purchased from BrakeTime


Lifetime balance & rotation

$12 per tire

Valve stem/TPMS service pack

$3 per tire

Flat tire repair (tubeless)

$12 per tire

Tire mounting (carry-in)

$10 per tire

Tire mounting (specialty)

$5 per tire

Tire rotation

$2.50 per tire

Lug nut replacement

$2 per lug nut (Cost can vary depending on the vehicle)

Additional Information

  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) continuously check tire pressure and display the information for the driver. ↩
  2. The road hazard protection warranty provides coverage for tire failure caused by impact breaks and other non-repairable punctures. We will fix repairable punctures at no charge. For conditions that require replacing the tire, please ask. ↩